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WOVEN Fix Your Crown

WOVEN Fix Your Crown

The WOVEN Fix Your Crown Project is to build, encourage, and edify all women no matter their walk of life.

This project is to bring positive affirmation to their life and to the lives they touch. The ability to fix your crown in an everchanging world is pivotal to the success of being your best self.

Our mission is to ensure and reinforce that there is someone thinking about you and helping you to fix your crown at a moment’s notice. 

WOVEN Fix Your Crown FAQ's

Q: What does it mean to Fix Your Crown?

A: Fixing Your Crown allows one to take a step back from all of the noise and re-enter oneself. Through this process you learn to appreciate yourself and your well-being.


Q: Why did you select the crown as the symbol for this project?

A: The crown symbol is metaphorically used for one’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


Q: What does the crown represent to you?

A: The crown reflects the glory in which a woman walks in when she is achieving or accomplishing her very best. She understands what she needs from and mental, emotional, and physical standpoint to maintain her crown and how she can support others in their crown worthiness.

Fix Your Crown Event 
Interested in coming to the event?
Click the link to register:
Tickets are available between
August 24, 2021 – October 02, 2021.

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Swag and Gift Boxes coming soon.....