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MOR Journal Subscription Set FAQ's

Q: How do I start my subscription?

A: When you place your order and pay the $65 fee.


Q: What does the $65 fee cover?

A: The $65 fee starts your subscription, leather portfolio journal set that includes 30 original quotes along with journal pages to capture your thoughts, ink pen, and an inspirational magnetic bookmark.


Q: When will I receive my journal?

A: The initial journal set of your journal subscription is scheduled to ship within 8-10 days of purchase. In some instances, as early as 3-5 business days.


Q: When is my next payment for the subscription due?

A: The next subscription payment is billed 60 days after your initial shipment.


Q: How do I pay my subscription payments?

A: You will receive an invoice 30 days before the billing date that provides you with a link to pay that invoice.


Q: What happens if I miss my subscription payment?

A: You have up to 5 days after the invoice due date to pay the invoice.


Q: Is there additional shipping cost for my initial journal set and the additional subscription shipments?

A: Not at this moment but it can change at any time.


Q: What all is included in the subscription?

A: The initial leather portfolio set, 180 MOR original inspirational quotes with journal pages over a 6-month period and early access to MOR swag/merchandise that is included in each subscription shipment.


Q: What are the subscription fees after the initial $65 fee and how many?

A: The subscription fees are $45 every 60 days and there are five subscription payments.

Q: What happens if I miss paying my subscription fee? Do I have to start from the beginning?

A: No, you do not have to start from the very beginning, but it recommended that you start at your last section received. If you ended at Section II and need Section III – VI, send your email to wovenb17@gmail.com and request a new invoice for the Section III (and additional sections) to complete your journal set. You will then receive the invoice to pay for your additional sections. Once payment is received, your next sets will be shipped to you.


Q: Can I order the journal sections without starting the initial subscription?

A: Not at this time. We are continuously making improvements and will announce when that buying option becomes available.